Bill Bunton

Bill is an Austin area electrical engineer and committed photographer, earning his Certified Professional Photographer(CPP).   Bill started learning photography while stationed in Germany, where he purchased his first SLR camera – a Pentax Spotmatic at the Post Exchange. Bill took advantage of the on-post darkroom facilities and the low cost of film to develop his skills. After leaving the service, it became more expensive and difficult to pursue photography.  Bill returned to photography only after film was replaced by digital and the darkroom was replaced by computer image processing. The Nikon and Adobe Lightroom have become his tools of choice.

Bill is comfortable applying complex techniques to get a unique image.  His photography interests vary widely, covering landscape, macro, light-painting, but his favorites are motor-sports and action.

Evelyn Bunton

Evelyn's also an electrical engineer - and a retired US Air Force officer and has her CPP, too.  She likes seeing pictures that “tell the story”.  She's been taking pictures since high school, but her photography was limited to snapshots, taken whenever and wherever she went, until she was shown how much fun there was in taking photographs. She's added DSLR and mirrorless to her vocabulary and her possessions. Evelyn's photography interests include landscape, macros, motor sports, cats, and dogs, but her favorites are landscapes and macros.


Together, the Buntons have continued to advance their skills both in image capture and post processing.  They’ve explored landscapes, motor sports, and macro photography.  Continuing education, both classroom and in the field, has become part of their lives and they look forward to sharing their information with others.